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We are assembling a world-class team of biophysicists, biochemists, deep learning scientists, and engineers to help us build our cutting-edge platform.

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A uniquely gifted scientist who, like us, is kept up at night thinking about problems nobody else can solve, and is excited by the opportunity to have early equity ownership on a 6-person team. You are a seasoned single-molecule scientist who can run your own experiments and analyze your own data with R, Python or MATLAB. Bonus points if you've worked with non-canonical amino acids.

We are:

A fun-loving, energetic biotech startup that's part of an incubator of 250 scientists with a proven track-record (our recent batch of four companies in the 4Catalyzer incubator have collectively raised over $600 million).

If you're motivated by problems nobody has solved and think you'd love being part of a small, focused team with some of the world's brightest minds, send an email to

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